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Strzempko recalls him saying “Not this again” and then slapping her face.Next, she says, he ordered her into a storage room adjoining his office.Ripping pain, grunts that sound like the monster in a horror movie, blood, my hair pulled out lying on the ground, the smell of fear.It smells like fresh chlorine and metal.” Anna Strzempko was nine years into her amateur career when she reached the finals of the 2008 YMCA Long Course National Championship, swimming for the Greater Holyoke YMCA Vikings in western Massachusetts.Miller announced his investigation in June 2013, and research began in spring 2014.The work is being carried out by the GAO’s department of Education, Workforce, and Income Security.



They’ve interviewed experts and officials from various NGBs and the USOC, and has learned that many of the victims and families who’ve been through the Safe Sport process have been interviewed as well.

One of their tasks is to assess whether there’s an appropriate federal response here at all.



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