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My father was a american soldier stationed in Germany in the early 1970's. He is believed to have fathered a daughter named Kimiko.

My mother Margita Fandert fell in love with this young American soldier.

If anyone has any information about James or his family, please email me at [email protected] Iam searching for the family of black GI named James B Boyd. Wing); and then from 16 April 1953 to Oct of 1953 he was at Spangdahlen AFB (when the 10th Tact. ), but does anyone know if women were common in the French military post WWII.

He was serving in the US Army in Bristol as a staff sergeant with a port company. NEW, information from his personal military records My Dad, Philip Wegner was at Toul-Rosiere France airbase from to 15 April 1953 (at first with the 117th Maint. Another tidbit of info: My dad took a 6 day leave 2-, the only leave he took for months around that date. Speculative, yes, but might be a place to start if one were to search birth or newspaper records.

I am the daughter he fatherd with my mother Irene Nye. Our mothers were pregnant during the same time by David. Anyone know of hospitals or newspapers that existed then for the Toul France area?

I am looking for my biological mother's family.

The following is the minimal information we have, please forgive misspellings, I am spelling phonetically.



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    Sometimes, sure, it’s simply a missed connection, but I think it goes back to being more open in general.

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    The young woman was “kissing and being kissed by three men.” Mahdavi was unable to find the man who’d driven them; later, she learned that he had been in a back room procuring Ecstasy.

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