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He was grateful: ‘Telma, just great fun at the club — I meet Anthony Hopkins!’Sweetpea came to London in 1984, an 18-year-old from Dorset with dreams of becoming an actress.Helen Mirren responded to Sweetpea’s fan letter with a brand-new £20 note and another for her friend, instructing that the enclosed was ‘for fun’.

"J.", a 24-year-old college graduate struggling with his new role in life – as an adult – in the clever half-hour comedy "Grown Ups" on UPN. For nearly a decade, multi-talented actor Jaleel White delighted audiences as America’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, on the hit sitcom "Family Matters." He took what was originally a one-time guest appearance on the freshman series and created such a stir that he not only became a permanent cast member, but went on to perform other unforgettable characters such as Myrtle Urkel, Steve’s southern belle cousin, and Stefan Urquelle, Steve’s suave alter-ego.

With 215 episodes of "Family Matters" under his belt, White has put that chapter of his life behind him.

He is presently finishing film school, where he continues to pursue his other passions in life: writing, producing and directing.

These were soon abandoned and, instead, she found herself helping Thelma, who gave Jane her nickname.

It caused confusion when Dustin Hoffman was in the room, as he also answers to Sweetpea on account of climbing everything as a toddler — but Slight took to the new moniker, eventually changing it on her passport.‘At least we have two things in common.’Thelma, a red-headed force of nature, could only ever have worked in the theatre — her name is an anagram of Hamlet — and the one quality she didn’t share with Robert Maxwell gets plenty of coverage.



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