Updating openfiler


I am attempting to migrate a virtual machine (linux, configured for 300G disk, using about 185G storage at the moment) from an NFS datastore to a new i SCSI store with VMFS and hosted from a solaris 5.11 server.The solaris i SCSI store is working fine and is already supporting a number of smaller VMs that were migrated from the old NFS store. All the machines are connected on a dedicated gigabit lan with a new netgear switch. It is running on a virtual machine in the cluster and uses the local disk storage on the server it is running on.The second is running solaris 5.11 and supporting i SCSI.


There are a few thing we need to do to get it working correctly!

Next, select the file icon on NFS directory: A pop-up will show, (if not, enable pop-ups in your browser).



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