Updating my biios


Consult your Motherboard Manual Before Making Changes Editing the system BIOS and motherboard settings improperly can result in system failure.Be sure to read your motherboard's manual thoroughly before attempting to flash your BIOS or update your motherboard's chipset drivers.I have an Acer Aspire 5720z-4126 and it will not boot my OS.It gets to the loading screen for microsoft and never gets passed that to the log on screen...im trying to access my BIOS and restore to factory default and i cannot seem to figure out how to do so....looking for advice from anyone ....greatly appreciated Well F2 should be the correct key but with some laptops you have to press the key at just the right time.However, for Skylake CPUs, BCLK and PCIe have a dedicated reference clock which always stays at 100 MHz – no matter how you change the BCLK.


Hi Guy's, Since April my New PC has been working fine.Depending on the CPU quality you migh also need a little bit more CPU Core Voltage.



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