Within transaction SE11 you can view the tables ‘Snnn BIW1’, ‘Snnn BIW2’ and the structure ‘Snnn BIWS’ and the Info Structure itself ‚Snnn‘The tables S5nnn BIW1 & Snnnn BIW2 are used to assist the delta update process within BW.Extract structure ‘Snnnn BIWC’ is used as an interface structure between OLTP Info Structure and BWThe OLTP system has automatically created an entry in the control table ‘TMCBIW’. Date catalog Select characteristic catalog and enter, click on characteristic select the source table and it will be display the relevant source field and select the source field, copy close, copy. Select the radio button-Generate data source and Execute. Posting period Updating –1)No updating,2)Synchronous updating (V1), 3)As synchronous updating (V2), 4)As synchronous updating (V3), – LBW0 – Connection of LIS Information structures to SAPBW Information structure : S786 Select the radio button-Setup LIS environment and Execute.If your doing the Delta update:in R/3 side : MC25-Updating set to either V1 or V2 or V3.and the to : LBW0 -Select the radio button Active/deactivate and schedule the infopackage with delta update. Deltas for LIS: After setting up the LIS environment, 2 transparent tables and 1 extract structure is generated for this particular info structure.Influence of exterior actions on optical properties of crystals. We offer a powerful Vision Quest Guide Training and nature renewal programs.



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