Thai dating sydney


Although now a boutique hotel, it was built in 1887 on the site of what was once a "Moveable Hospital for His Majesty's Distant Possessions" (circa 1790).Walk on and you'll come to the Fortune of War, Sydney's oldest pub, at 137 George Street.This is a very objective view of what Thai people are really like, however the truth is the truth.


Strategically situated two doors down from the Fortune of War hotel, at 127 George Street, is the original police station (No.4) in The Rocks. It 2009 the go-ahead was given by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for the building to be sympathetically brought into the 21st century.

This walk explores The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney situated on the western shores of Sydney Cove, an area steeped in history.


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