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Continue reading the main story Nepal: Masu is spiced or curried meat with gravy served with rice Sri Lanka: Common curries are: White (based on coconut milk), red (a large amount of chilli) and black (dark roasted spices) Indonesia: Rendang is the most famous dish and is considered a "dry" curry, which means the sauce is simmered down to a minimum.

Malaysia: Malaysian curries use curry powders rich in turmeric, coconut milk, shallots, ginger, shrimp paste, chillies, and garlic.

Japanese curry: Invented in 1912 and uses onions, carrots and potatoes.

Ethiopia: Wat is the Ethiopian version of an Indian curry and can be based on any vegetables or meat except pork.

It has asked the EU Protected Food Names scheme to give the balti its Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Status.

BBC Two's Indian Food Made Easy chef and cookery writer Anjum Anand has recently added a black pepper curry to her range of sauces.

"The British took spices all across the world and started growing them in different countries," says Cyrus Todiwala.


When it's time for a takeaway, do you order a rogan josh, korma or lamb vindaloo?These ingredients are then fried in hot oil until much of the moisture has boiled off, and the plant solids are sufficiently concentrated that the sauce clings to itself and the oil separates.



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