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It also needs regular tracking and updating of the latest virus definitions, such as to rule out an upcoming vulnerable moment.Most Anti-Virus software vendors including Symantec, Microsoft and Mc Afee roll out definition updates quite frequently.Do you test new versions for potential security holes? ) Implementing internal update servers is a manageable task for companies with a large budget and requisite technical expertise.Small and mid-sized businesses have smaller budgets and less technical acumen; thus they're more vulnerable to cyber threats and damages.And in case, each of your network PCs is configured to directly communicate with the download-server of the anti-virus vendor, it would definitely equate to huge bandwidth consumption, which is once again a big no-no for effective Network Management.For those of you running the Microsoft Client Security on your network computers, here is a bit of relief on definition updates.Last month, I reviewed some frightening trends in our cyber-insurgency universe and closed with a plea to vendors that provide online updates to eliminate the local administrator rights requirement.


Two keys benefits of employing Desktop Central: To keep it simple, Desktop Central takes you one step closer towards securing your network computers from malwares and spywares in addition to the traditional malicious software like Virus, Trojans and Worms.

Desktop Central's Patch Management options help you simplify the process by automating the definition update mechanism.


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