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Two-hour casual afternoon and evening cruises are available aboard our legendary America’s Cup 12 Meter yachts.A three-hour racing sail is also available for the sailing enthusiast.Not your typical harbor cruise, 12 Meter Charters' ticketed cruises combine the history of Newport, Rhode Island with the unparalleled experience of sailing on an America's Cup contender.Enjoy historic Newport sights including Fort Adams and the Newport Bridge, lighthouses and lavish estates, aircraft carriers and historic schooners, and learn the history of the America's Cup in Newport.You can experience the joy of sailing and a memorable perspective of Newport aboard the classic schooner Madeleine.Call 401-847-0298 or For Group or Charter packages 1-800-395-1343.Founded in 1639 and later known as the "City of Summer White Houses" by the the 1950's, Newport remains a popular vacation destination because of the storied past and also its emergence as a vibrant, contemporary destination filled with boutique shops and restaurants.



With our experienced crews, sailing participation from our guests is welcomed but never required.All of our classic Twelve’s raced for yachting’s most coveted prize and three actually won The America’s Cup.



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