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Emma del Valle, a 21-year-old senior at tiny Bennington College, in Vermont (66 percent of students there are women), compares dating at her school to bobbing for apples at the end of a party: "It's messy, the good ones are gone, and it takes a lot of effort." She, too, has found that a lot of her pals date off campus to avoid the incestuous nature of her college dating scene. For more, see The Best and Worst Colleges for Meeting Men.But there are ways to meet new-to-you guys even if your school isn't teeming with them. Birmingham, ALAre you as obsessed with these dolls as much as we are? The gender gap in the college world is particularly pronounced, as nearly 60 percent of American undergraduates are women, and that number is only growing.There are woefully numerous major cities—New York, Washington, D.So how do you go about finding a good guy when the only dudes who seem to be available are uncouth nerds or womanizers and they IF YOU GO TO A FEMALE-DOMINATED UNIVERSITYIn college, the easiest fix is to look outside the bubble of your university's social dynamics for a boyfriend.

"We wouldn't have realized that we were so compatible had we not clicked on an intellectual level in class," she says. "My mom gave me the best advice: walk to class (or work, gym, or wherever you go daily) using a different route every time," says Lauren Panariello, 24, an assistant editor at Cosmo who went to notoriously girl-heavy New York University. "I did it and found myself by NYU's law school, where I never would have been otherwise, and met a cute guy whom I ended up dating." Another tip for meeting guys on campus: Find out where the soccer team celebrates their wins or where the premed students go after finals (fill in any type of guy you like). One suitor harped on his Harry Potter obsession: "He said his wardrobe was very Slytherin.

Bad way to get a girl into you." Martino's not the only one struggling to date in a female-dominated scenario, whether that's a college, profession, or city where women outnumber men.

Because guys at her college know they have so many choices, they aren't exactly boyfriend material.



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