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In addition to our usual three funny-yet-smart presentations, on Friday November 10, 2017, Nerd Nite is bringing back hetero speed dating (optional) for the only time this Fall.

Enjoy presentations about the history of coding (from Morse code to today’s 1’s and 0’s), the horror of HP Lovecraft, and long-time presenter Seth Porges attempts to tell as many stories as he can in 20 minutes.

With it, we can express ourselves in American English, Ancient Greek, Japanese Kanji, and 2,666 emoji of diverse race and gender.He regularly appears on the Travel, Science, Discovery, History, and Nat Geo channels and has contributed to dozens of publications, including In Style, Forbes, Fast Company, Departures, Men’s Journal, Wired, Travel & Leisure, Mashable, and Rolling Stone.Previously, he worked as editor at Maxim and Popular Mechanics magazines.Whether we realize it or not, interviewing for a job is no different from speed dating or giving a product sales pitch. Well think about it: a successful speed dater or presenter has a few minutes to engage their listener and to differentiate him/herself or the product from the competition – just like a successful candidate during a job interview.

The common successful denominator for all these people is communicating a strong image of who/ what they are and what they stand for. One question that is often asked in interviews is: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

she is the spider in a web in her department, or a simile (saying something is like something else) e.g.



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