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According to the first CNBC/Survey Monkey Small Business Survey, released in June, 26 percent of the 2,030 small businesses polled do not use any form of social media to interact with customers or advertise products and events.

If you're one of them, you're missing out on a golden opportunity.

Once you get addicted to staring at porn stars, soon you will start lusting after women physically around you.

It will be easy to chase after other women for sexual gratification because you chase after porn stars.

Men are visually stimulated beings so she will look to see if your eyes tell her 'I want you'. "Let her know when she turns you on" She feels good when she knows she arouses you.

If you are near her and with a hard on or thinking about her when you two are apart and find life in your boxer too hard for comfort; let her know.

Even when sex is not on your mind, treat her like a queen.

If you expect your wife to make love to you good in the bedroom, treat her good outside the bedroom.


It is our goal to co-develop a plan with you, which will help you to maintain your oral health for a lifetime.When you are good only when after sex, she feels used. "Let her know when she touches you good" If there is anything she does right to bring you pleasure, let her know. Have no other besides her A woman can feel sexy but when her man celebrates her sex appeal she feels even sexier.


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