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I think I told a couple of friends, but one minute I was wanting to keep it because I thought "oh he's going to be with me and everything's going to be fine" - obviously it wouldn't have been. You drive down the town centre road and you see the men in their cars with the girls.' 'It's hard to trust anybody or get close to anyone.I've got attachments problems, not just with relationships, but everyone else in your lives.He added: ‘I don’t think any of this was my direct fault.’ The report revealed how senior figures in the police and at Rotherham council (pictured are the council's offices at Riverside House in Rotherham) wanted the ‘ethnic dimension’ to the abuse problem downplayed Simon Danczuk, the Rochdale MP responsible for exposing the paedophile past of Liberal politician Cyril Smith, told Mail Online: ‘There are hundreds of child rapists out there.What are South Yorkshire Police doing to catch these people?Linzi Williams and Natalie Fuller have been best friends since childhood, but their lives were both torn apart at the hands of the notorious Hussain brothers, who were jailed for a combined total of 79 years in 2016 for abusing 15 teenagers.But despite their attackers being behind bars, the pair find themselves struggling to move on, and say they still see grooming gangs roaming their town's streets.


To do this we will link your Mail Online account with your Facebook account.If I can't explain myself right, she knows what I'm trying to say and how it feels, and the same vice versa.' Nearly half of child exploitation cases currently being investigated in South Yorkshire are based in Rotherham.Another victim, Ms Woodhouse, is currently campaigning to implement 'Sammy's Law' which would see any crimes they were convicted of because of the gang removed from their records.Their decision to speak out about their ordeals coincides with a campaign, led by fellow victim Sammy Woodhouse, to implement a law that would expunge any criminal records that victims accrued while under the control of grooming gangs.

Miss Fuller was 13 when she was raped by Bannaras Hussain, now 40, who was jailed for 25 years, and says the experience has scarred her for life.'He was trying to get on top of me, he was trying to pull my trousers down on the settee in front of me.Ms Woodhouse has three crimes on her record from the period of abuse, including possession of an offensive weapon when police found a truncheon in her bag that had been placed by Arshid Hussain.


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