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neonatologist (NEE-o-nay-TAHL-uh-jist): a doctor who specializes in the care of newborn babies (until about 6 weeks of age, but often longer for babies who were born prematurely).

nephrologist (neh-FRAHL-uh-jist): a doctor who specializes in kidney diseases.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, chances are you’ll meet many different medical professionals during your cancer treatment.

You’ll find that many of them are “specialists” or “specialize” in certain areas of medicine or mental health.

The goal of case management is that one person directs or oversees the patient’s care.

For example, a case manager may help the patient get through the complexities of the health care system by working with the health insurance company, getting quicker answers to important questions, managing crises, and connecting the patient and family to needed resources.



A dermatological oncologist has specialized training in diagnosing and treating skin cancers.

This short explanation of medical titles can tell you more about some of the health care professionals you may meet.

anesthesiologist (AN-es-THEE-zee-AHL-uh-jist): a doctor who specializes in giving drugs or other agents (like gasses) that cause a total loss of feeling or relieve pain, most often during surgery.

licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN): a nurse who has completed a year or so of technical health training, and passed a licensing test.


This nurse can give medicines, help patients with physical hygiene and care, and perform many other health care-related tasks.

Teachers, doctors, public safety officials, day care owners, camp counselors.


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