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It would not be much fun for anyone if the chat were deluged by spam.It would not be a welcoming community for all Dark Souls fans if we allowed profanity, bullying, or obscene material.



This context is as follows: The Dark Souls Wiki and the chat did not spring into spontaneous existence. There is no philosophical or United Nations mandated Human Right to Have A Dark Souls Wiki and a Chat.Take your vehicle of choice to the Mod Shops across the state.When you are in the shop, highlight your painting of choice. Your car should have the paint job and you don't have to pay the money. (colors, spoilers etc.) Also note that this will not fix up your car, and it will still be beat up. Thie glitch removes all peds (and cops if it's done right) and cars from the game. On the mission 'Small town bank' for Catalina, after you grab the bikes, you'll end up at the unique jump spot.Have fun talking about the game or anything you want to share.

Please keep it clean and keep it friendly, we all want a happy and welcoming community!

IMPORTANT: To avoid useless clutter in the chatroom, please refer to this wiki's other pages before asking any question about the game's content and mechanics.


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