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By only offering the player a chance to play as an "ordinary" American, the game implicitly assumes that you're like the majority of Americans, that you are not yourself a minority in any way.Adding support for same-sex dating and same-sex marriage could be easy: the game could just offer you a choice of genders when you use the dating icon.The game never explicitly describes the color of your skin, but the life of an ordinary black woman in 1986 would have included a significant amount of discrimination, and some forms of that discrimination would be different from the discrimination a black man would have experienced.

Indeed, it would require not just one rewrite, but dozens, hundreds, thousands. (I hope it would be something better.) Choice of Games LLC is a company dedicated to producing high-quality, text-based, multiple-choice games.Telling the life story of a gay man in 1986 means telling the story of coming out of the closet, prejudiced employers, encounters with parents, and so on.


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