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BAS has no constraints on the type of events, though common sense dictates they be safe and legal.The New Member Social is our only regular monthly event but some popular events include sand volleyball, theatrical performances, going to see local bands, Greenbelt bike rides and even some community volunteer events. A – As the event host your first job is to provide information about the event. It is preferable that a host greet attendees as they arrive and act as a point of contact for members. BAS is intended to be for single people to get together with others for activities, fun and to expand their social circle.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Any area that is more socially conservative or has less in the way of in-migration from other regions will tend to have a "tough single scene." This also applies to most rural areas as well.;) A – BAS does not have membership dues at this time.


We do discriminate against discrimination and mean people.Idaho Falls, Idaho (January 9, 2017) Idaho Legal Aid Services is pleased... Adela Ayala and her four year old daughter challenging the constitutionality of Idaho’s Paternity Act, Vital Statistics Act, and...Please come to a public meeting regarding identity theft.An attorney from Idaho Legal Aid will be available to discuss identity theft and the resources available to prevent it and what to do if you become a victim. The City of Idaho Falls awards Community Development Block Grant funds to Idaho Legal Aid to help survivors of domestic violence.

Idaho Falls, Idaho (August 17, 2016) Idaho Legal Aid is pleased to announce that its Idaho Falls office is the recipient of a ,...

Any member can schedule a bike ride, dinner out, movie, hike, camping trip, roller blading, concert, rafting...whatever you're into.


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