Savior complex in dating Spanking chatlines

Dr Balakrishnan warns that the saviour ends up being frustrated and angry because his/her emotional needs are not met and starts feeling taken for granted.

He/she has a strong desire to control the partners needs and this may result in him sabotaging the partner so he can always feel needed.

Mahesh Mishra (name changed), a 31-year-old IT professional too, believes he suffers from the Saviour Complex.

"We began as friends but later I fell in love with a colleague at work, who was already engaged to somebody else.

It helps them to stay connected with people and build emotional bonds — blessings they were denied as children.

Repercussions The most obvious is that people may take advantage of you.

Since I go out of my way to help them, they take me for granted.

They also vent their anger on me, because they know I won't react," she says.


Maybe they’ll become best friends, or maybe they’ll even fall in love.Also, crossing the limit in any relationship leads to negativity.


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