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Fay loved bowling, spending hours each week in various leagues, and then traveling around the state and nation for tournaments; she received the Montana State Woman Bowler of the Year award in 1989.Fays body may have left us, but her infinite spirit remains with us, entwined in every fiber of our being.At the end of the war, they returned to Bigfork where Effie has lived ever since.She quit nursing professionally when she was married in 1936, but continued using her nursing skills on a volunteer basis.Always memorable everywhere she worked or volunteered, Fay enjoyed her jobs at the Somers School kitchen and her uncle Eddys Market on Main Street before becoming the renowned smiling face of Checkstand #1 at the B&B.Fay watched for planes during the 1950s with the Skywatchers on top of the Eagles building, and later on in life found the time to serve at the Kalispell hospital gift shop, organize her Flathead Class and Somers Reunions, run the Monday cribbage game at the Senior Center, and lead Senior Bowling in Kalispell.Fay adored her dogs and cats, especially her Boston Bull Terriers.


They lived in Somers when first married, and then moved during World War II to Hanford, Washington, where her husband worked for Du Pont on the Atomic Project.In 1982, she was presented with a Distinguished Citizens Award for her service to the community.She was always an active member of the Catholic Church and Altar Society.In 1917 she moved with her family to Bigfork where they reclaimed a homestead on the East Lake Shore. Hall, which was located where the Bigfork Center for Performing Arts is now.

Effie graduated from Bigfork Elementary School, Flathead County High School, and Sacred Heart School of Nursing in Spokane, Washington, in 1934. Her first nursing position was at Thornton Hospital in Missoula.

Known lovingly as Mama Fay, she spent many years making a difference in young lives as a Rainbow Girls Mother Advisor.


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    Sarah (and Lucy, since the two are often a package deal) prefers to stay on the fringes of any operations that interest her, but stays away from the large scale operations.

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