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Always copy Tom Bauman ([email protected]), Coordinator of Ag Runoff Programs in Wisconsin, on all communication. After above is completed, write an email that briefly expresses your observations and your concerns related to above.Send this to the following individuals for maximum exposure to the issue you are respectfully addressing. Ask what level of action they are taking to increasing evidence of toxic air, contaminated wells, and violation of public health.Young leaders also had the opportunity to participate in a full-day strategic planning and action session. The Rural Assembly is intentionally a cross-sector, cross-geographical coalition.The National Gathering is dedicated to hosting conversations at the crossroads of health and climate, immigration and economic development, art and agriculture, poverty and prosperity, to name a few. Immediately call the DNR 24-hour, toll free hotline: 1-800-TIP-WDNR (1-800-943-0003) and request a conservation warden come to both document your call and sample the area suspicious for contamination - ditch, creek, wetland, etc.There are about 200 conservation and field wardens throughout the state.WDNR Secretary Cathy Stepp [email protected] Secretary Kurt Thiede [email protected] Senator and your Assembly Representative Keep copies of every email you send.Consider printing out copies and keeping all together in a single folder. Thank you from our planet, the one who needs our help!



The Rural Assembly Steering Committee membership is listed here. Profiles here of Timothy Lampkin of Clarksdale, MS; Sarina Otaibi of Granite Falls, MN; Frank Estrada of Lockhart, TX; and Nick Tilsen of Oglala Lakota Nation on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Young Leaders Day: How to Frame Rural Policy Issues (video profiles: Megan and Dustin, Amrita and Rebecca; Daily Yonder article, The Gazette article, Daily Yonder article)Facilitated by Jane Feinberg, Founder & Principal, Full Frame Communications Room: Congressional Apm-pm Pre-conference meetings pm Registration opens Room: Hall of Battlespm 2015 National Rural Assembly Reception Join us for drinks and light hors d’oeuvres Room: Regency Bpm Dinner Program (video excerpt)Enjoy and learn from a hopeful and charismatic band of rural leaders and activists who are deeply engaged in developing more inclusive, culturally vibrant communities.We returned to our foundational principles as set forth in the Rural Compact to advance a rural platform that looks at strategies and opportunities for building a more inclusive nation where rural is part of the solutions to some of our country’s greatest challenges.The final day of the conference included a Congressional briefing and visits with members of Congress and Congressional staff on Capitol Hill.They will have a candid conversation about child poverty in rural America and highlight opportunities and examples of people and places where the narrative and outlook are changing.

Speakers: Doug O’Brien, Senior Advisor, Domestic Policy Council, The White House; Kimberly Phinney, Rural & Tribal Initiatives Director, Youth Build USA; Eileen Briggs, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Ventures; Roberto Gallardo, Mississippi State University Extension; C (video excerpt)Rural America is home to a sixth of the population and a wealth of strategic resources.And successful examples can be found across the rural geography and in varied sectors.


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