Robert wagner and stefanie powers dating


In a cruel twist of fate, two weeks later Natalie would also die in a horrible accident.

The Hart stars were left to pick up the pieces and did so one day at a time and with the strength of each other to lean on. John had worked with RJ on the movie Banning and expressed to Tom Mankiewicz that she would like to see RJ to offer condolences.

During their second marriage RJ and Natalie formed a production company aptly named RONA II standing for "Robert and Natalie: Second Time Around".

The production company would enter into an agreement with Aaron Spelling and ABC for two series.

In late 1968 RJ would take the step from the silver screen to the small screen as his first television series was picked up.

It was called "It Takes A Thief" and ran for three seasons during which he would again meet "Taffy Paul". Marion had custody of daughter Kate and Natalie had also had a daughter Natasha Gregson.

For Robert Wagner, the hunt started and ended with one person: Stefanie Powers.RJ then signed on to the new television series "Switch" with Eddie Albert.


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