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There's beautiful lighting and balance in this image. ) portraits of the couple and applied to cdv mounts. All from the same studio, although only one has the mark of "F. A "Karzer" was the room designated for the detention or locking up of students for punishment, once common at German universities and secondary schools. Built for the study of that subject by the University of Göttingen in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, it was destroyed in an air raid in April, 1945. Some loss to contrast but in fine, clean condition. This is now referred to as the "Altes Rathaus", and sits in the heart of the city on the Marktplatz, almost unchanged. This photo was taken at the spot where the Goethe-Allee and the present day Berlinerstrasse meet in Göttingen, on the parkland created when the old city walls were torn down. Parry, Hungerford (Berkshire)" with studio and backmark of second image being "J. William Lake Price (1810-1896) was a true proponent and practitioner of the "photographer as artist" movement in Victorian England.

These are not "life images", but are photographs of existing pencil (? For an excellently researched account of this firm's lengthy (and convoluted) history see the appropriate entry in Ken Jacobson's "Odalisques & Arabesques: Orientalist Photography 1839-1925", published by Bernard Quaritch, London, 2007. Admired as one of the greatest actresses of her time, she spent her life openly involved in relationships with other women. Touch of scattered soiling to top edge of image and mount recto. The coloring on each example, in particular the wedding couple, is so fine and intricate that they transcend the mere "tinted CDV" description and become miniature works of folk art. Touch of soiling to some mount rectos, else all in fine clean condition with still vibrant color. Opened in 1854 the building, despite slight alterations over time and bomb damage in World War II, still looks very much the same. Built between 18, part of the building once served as the "Karzer" for the university. .00Written on the verso of this CDV in pencil in a contemporary hand is the word "Anatomie". That small sign hanging above their heads to the right is for a tobacco shop. In fine, clean condition with excellent contrast and toning. .00 Written on the verso of this CDV in pencil in a contemporary hand is the word "Allee". Backmark of "The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co.", but photo credited on mount recto to Lake Price.

Comparing the addresses of photographers printed on cartes-de-visite or cabinet prints with the dates they appear in directories should give an approximate date of the photograph.

Unfortunately some photographers stayed at the same address for many years, e.g.

Special photo albums were designed especially for cartes-de-visite. Cabinet Cards continued in popularity well into the 20 Century. You may wish to watch my You Tube Video showing examples of the five different types of Early 19th. If you are looking for a photo of an ancestor you might want to try these sites: Dead Fred A genealogy photo archive with thousands of identified images Cyndi’s List has an alphabetical list of sites with ancestor photos Lost Faces Faces/ has 69 Civil War era photo albums online with over 3,000 identified photographs.

In the United States, the carte-de-visite played second fiddle to cheaper variations on the daguerreotype theme.


Directories were the equivalent of our Yellow Pages, i.e. It obviously took the publishers a while to collect the data, so the information was always slightly out of date.

In the late 1990s I used the book A Directory of London Photographers by Michael Pritchard to date, to within a few years, a photograph of a relative who was wearing the uniform of Christ's Hospital School.


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