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Still, the beauty left a lasting impression on Diddy, who has been dating Cassie Ventura for a couple years.

"He was bummed, saying, 'She's the sexiest girl in the world,'" the source said.

Things were reportedly steamy up until the very end of their love affair.

"Her hair was all crazy, her makeup was smeared and they made out in front of everyone," an insider told Us in 2012 about Diaz and Diddy's PDA during a gala in West Hollywood. " Something soured along the way and Diaz eventually parted ways with the hip hop mogul.

Cameron Diaz and Diddy are reportedly dating after being spotted together on a number of occasions in New York.

According to US Life and Style Magazine, the actress and rapper turned actor, real name Sean Combs, were seen on Sunday night at the Big Apple’s Dream Downtown Hotel night club.

Despite being spotted together on several occasions in the last month, a representative for Diaz had dismissed rumours that they are dating.

She was reportedly set up with him by Madden's brother's wife, Nicole Richie.

The rapper and media mogul, who was born Sean Combs, tweeted...

2017 list managed to beat out Beyonce for the top spot—and he has vodka to thank for it.

The following day the couple took a stroll through Washington Square Park together.

Cameron appeared to be delighted while walking alongside the hip hop mogul in the park."Cameron was beaming," said an onlooker.

Diddy has also recently been snapped with long-time girlfriend and singer Cassie, but a friend claimed that the rapper is "single whenever there's a better offer on the table".



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