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To help Heather combat those feelings in the future she is tawsed on her bare bottom.

Kiki and Jenna are in the detention class as they were caught fighting. The teacher leaves the room and the girls continue with their previous argument.

This exclusive new schoolgirl discipline video is out now for download from our members area! This earned her not only a spanking but a hard dose of the hairbrush! Continual giggling & disturbing the rest of the girls during practice was something she would very soon regret!

It was not so funny when she found herself in front of Miss Mc Cormack who told her this can of disobedient will not be tolerated.

Then she was told to get to bed (with a very sore bottom) - this new movie out now for members!

Arriving home late from school it soon became clear that Lottie had decided to go the park with her mates drinking & fooling around.

Jodie is always nervous when her time for a chat is due as it usually ends with her being bared & punished.

After the talk Jodie's heart sank when she was told to remove her knickers.

A Severe strapping was then given across her plump white bare bottom. The past week was particularly bad as she had arrived home late from school 2 times. Jessica was sent to Miss Mc Cormack after fooling around in Choir practice.

Mr and Mrs Wilson decided that both there girls were out of control & a return to old fashion discipline was needed!

After a stern lecture both of the them were bared & in turn thrashed hard with the old leather strap!

Helen knew she was in trouble for being given yet another detention.


Her tummy ached when she was told she had to report to the Headmasters office at the end of school.

For her deceit she is punished with an OTK hand spanking and then a slippering.


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