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Michael, who reportedly got into a bit of a verbal altercation with Debra’s doctor beau at Farrah’s birthday party in New York City, says that Dr. “He’s trying to change someone who isn’t going to change,” he says.

“At least not in the way that he wants.” Speaking of Simon on Twitter, he mentioned that Dr. ) Well, it’s clear that Simon and Debra are still having some issues — what about Simon’s relationship with Michael? “We have our ups and down, but no DEFCON 2 or launching nuclear bombs at each other or anything.

Michael says that he and Amy have been living together for over two years and he attributes part of their success to the fact that Amy gives him and Farrah room to work on their father/daughter relationship.

Someone else giving Farrah room — although perhaps not by choice — is her mom, Debra Danielsen.

After a couple days of letting us sweat it out, Portwood set the record straight, posting another selfie of herself and her sweetie. Check out the retelling of their glamorous day here.

We reached out to Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael Abraham, for his take on everything that happened on screen and off, including the situation with Matt and Amber as well as Farrah’s clash with Debra Danielsen’s fiance, Dr. First things first: For those of you who enjoy keeping up with Simon Saran on Twitter, then you probably saw this tweet about a mysterious and significant phone call Michael is apparently aware of: We asked Michael about the phone call, and he tells us that it was a conversation between him and Farrah not long after the dramatic scene between Farrah and Dr. “Farrah called me at PM after the incident with David,” Michael says.



” Asked what type of guy she might be interested in, the mom of one responded reasonably, saying, “Founder, badass, Forbes 500.” Simon Saran doesn't qualify?! Asked about her prior plan to move to San Diego with Simon, Farrah responded, “I feel like I’d get more work done in L. Everyone moves to Los Angeles because it's a bastion of productivity. "Everyone have a nice weekend."Of course, fans lost their damn minds over the cryptic photo and later posts only seemed to confirm the nuptial news.



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