Manager of pid file quit without updating


Several referred to "Google Hell" on this subject, so let me add my own 2 cents worth in case you've arrived here from Google Hell!

It appears that what's happened is that the My SQL daemon has stopped catastrophically for some reason.

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- (2009-05-15) [2145] Using the internet to remotely check for power failure at home (PHP) - (2009-04-29) [1903] daemons - what is running on my Linux server?It's confused into thinkig it should be referring to a PID file which didn't exist, and because it's crashed, it's refusing to restart. Ensure that /etc/contains: And restart the server as this will overstep the problem above, and also recover the databases; error recovery levels of 1 or 2 are likely to let you recover (almost) everything we're told, and I have the previous good backup anyway, so I can restore if I need to.And it's not got any process to tidy us if I try to run server stop scripts. Then stop the server once it's forced the recovery, remove the innodb_force_recovery assignment, and restart it. I'm monitoring carefully, and posting this to my blog partly as a test and partly in the hope it may provide a helpful clue to others in the future.At one point I had to restart My SQL (which up to this point was running fine), and received this error: After a good 20 minutes spent on Google trying various things (hunting down the mysql.plugin file to verify its permissions, removing my file, verifying my file was getting erased, etc), I finally stumbled upon the answer: My SQL was still running under a different hostname.

$ ls -l /opt/local/var/db/mysql5 total 41128 -rw-rw---- 1 _mysql _mysql 15566 Aug 14 Gabriels-Mac Book.-rw-rw---- 1 _mysql _mysql 771 Aug 15 SDF1.-rw-rw---- 1 _mysql _mysql 5 Aug 15 SDF1.... -rw-rw---- 1 _mysql _mysql 53778 Aug 16 laptop-134....Description: severals day ago, Cent OS is power off unexpectedly.


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