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Every Sunday night Underbar holds a gay party called Hot Mess which completely lives up to its name.

Underbar is one of the only bars that stays open until 2am on Sundays so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Machine is normally a gay club with a pseudo-leather bar upstairs (Ramrod) but I’ve always found it to be completely lesbian friendly even during non-Dyke Night times.

Dyke Night also runs Fourth Fridays at the Milky Way, Venus Rising at the House of Blues and a slew of holiday specific parties.

All the queer women who live in JP seem to know each other and, because they live so far away from the rest of the city, are exclusively friends with other queer people from JP.

Cambridge & Somerville is where it’s at for hip, androgynous queers who like wearing ambitious scarves, as well as young marrieds and every twentysomething who picks up their CSA share on their fixed-gear bike.

While it’s not deadlocked New York City, driving can be slow and tedious. On the other hand, you can ride the MBTA system of subways and buses.

The subway, or the T, is awesome and also kind of sucks. That’s okay though because you can just take a cab.

Jamaica Plain, or JP as the cool kids call it, is basically Boston’s lesbian stronghold.Although GQB used to be an actual sneak attack on a bar, the last few times I went GQB seemed to have rented out the space.


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