Liquidating inventories in maine


This transparency and open access is important to clients needing immediate information to support internal meetings related to inventory availability and the progress of their asset recovery programs.Significant in the decision as to which asset recovery model makes the most sense is an understanding of the industry and market trends.Many components have small quantities of precious metals that can be recovered through a reputable reclamation process.IMPartners collaborates with well-established reclamation and recycling affiliates to ensure your materials are handled professionally and in an environmentally responsible manner To assist our clients SOX compliance requirements, all transactions are fully auditable and records of each sale are kept for a period of not less than 3 years.Over that period IMPartners has far outperformed the traditional E&O Liquidation/Broker model, returning some of the highest cash recoveries in the industry.Our asset management programs include: IMPartners has the ability to generate cash from virtually any asset class.IMPartners prides itself on its demonstrated credibility, reputation and industry knowledge.IMPartner’s principals bring over 65 years of technology market experience to recovering value for our Clients.

As each player within the supply chain attempts to adjust to these many factors, inventory misalignments are often created.Meet the team At Affordable Office Solutions we consider ourselves a unique and environmentally friendly company providing the widest selection of Office Furnishings and custom office interior solutions in Maine.


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