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The rumor’s wildfire spread shows just how much Cougar Night has become part of the valley’s startup lexicon.

Explains a longtime venture capitalist who’s seen colleagues from most of the leading venture firms consorting with pretty women on Thursday nights: “It’s a target-rich environment.” By day, the Rosewood’s Madera restaurant and lounge are ground zero for power in the valley.

As I wrote this weekend, the weekly meat market at Menlo Park’s Rosewood Hotel known as “Cougar Night” was markedly toned down last Thursday, and at least one regular attributed it to a recent (bogus) blog post claiming Palo Alto vice cops had busted “several prominent Sand Hill venture capital executives” for soliciting prostitution.

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Yes, it is as true as it is cliche that every woman loves getting flowers.We asked Amy Andersen, founder and CEO of Menlo Park-based matchmaking service Linx Dating, where else the lovelorn might go looking for some VC action. Village Pub, Woodside I’d add a few more to Amy’s list: the Sharon Park Starbucks; Coupa Cafe in downtown Palo Alto; and, of course, the venerable Buck’s Woodside, which master of the house Jamis Mac Niven told me last week is as busy as ever.


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