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The Kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples will run for re-election in 2018, facing voters for the first time since her protest against gay marriage in rural Appalachia provoked a national uproar.A teary and emotional Elton John celebrated the 25th anniversary of his AIDS foundation with a gala in New York City, raising about .4 million and telling the audience that they would end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.Patricia Ganz, professor of medicine and public health at UCLA and director of cancer prevention and control research at Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles.“For example, you have to feel really comfortable with the person you are dating.


It's a reflection of the new reality of America at war.Roxanne Martinez, 34, of Fort Worth, TX, was diagnosed four years ago, while seven weeks pregnant.“For me, Facebook was definitely ideal, the easiest and quickest way to reach many friends and family,” says Martinez.While that accounts for less than 6 percent of cases in a given year, studies show that young women are more likely to have aggressive forms of the disease.

Beaudet, now 35, told a close work friend in person, but asked the friend to tell others.

“I got to share the information in the privacy and comfort of my own home,” she explains.


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    Again, author Rachel Macy Stafford provides us with actionable and meaningful ways to love well, live fully, and leave a legacy we can be proud of.

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