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He and Duhamel have been dating for five years, almost as long as her partnership with Radford."I got two perfect men in my life at the same time," Duhamel said.The TLS permitted to analyze the distribution of these movements on the entire moraine and not only on few measurement points like given by D-GPS.The computed TLS displacement vectors are in good agreement with annual D-GPS measurements performed on this moraine.During the same period, a landslide zone has been clearly identified downslope of the cableway departure station to the Mt-Fort.

To explain these movements, two parameters are crucial: (1) The annual melting rate of the glacier below the moraine reached up to 4 m, which has certainly an impact on the stability of the moraine (important movements observed in the landslide zone)."We wanted to keep things as small and personal as possible," Duhamel said a few days before the ceremony. I knew if I did a wedding in my hometown, in Montreal, it would be big. By going away, it was easy to keep it small and personal." The barefoot bride wore an off-white gown with a deep v-neck and pearl-embroidered lace panels. The groom wore a white jacket over blue Bermuda shorts. I originally wanted a color, pink or blue -- I wanted to do everything for my wedding that was non-traditional -- but Bruno insisted that I have something close to white. I wanted something I could wear on the beach." Duhamel's wedding ring has rose gold leaves on the band that fold into the leaves on her engagement ring. Duhamel, a vegan, selected a vegan lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing."I found a picture of a dress on Pinterest, and I asked the lady who makes my skating dresses if she could reproduce it for me," Duhamel said. Marcotte coached Duhamel and Radford to the world pairs title in March.The glacier acted as a buttress stabilizing the moraine.

The observed glacier retreat and shrinkage causes the destabilisation of the moraine and finally leads to the measured surface movements.

The comparison of sequential TLS point clouds enabled the detection and quantification of movements in the moraine: (1) by computing oblique (shortest) or vertical differences, (2) by creating displacement vectors and (3) by profiles across the TLS point clouds.


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