Jack white loretta lynn dating

The White Stripes frontman is apparently wasting no time getting over ex-girlfriend Rene Zellweger's out-of-the-blue wedding to country star Kenny Chesney--he's gone and tied the knot in eyebrow-raising fashion himself.

White married British model Karen Elson in Brazil on Wednesday, less than a month after the Zellweger-Chesney nuptials went down.

Third Man Records Jack White is polarizing: People love him or love to hate him.

Through his affinity for America’s musical roots (blues and country), his use of kooky, pawnshop-collected gear, working with artists like the Insane Clown Posse last year (maybe he deserves flack for that collaboration!


But with Jack White (born John Anthony Gillis) notoriously coy about his relationship to Meg White--upon signing with V2 Records they claimed they were brother/sister, but court records later showed they were married from 1996-2000--and with a White Stripes album due for release next Tuesday, there's been some speculation the wedding is a publicity stunt.The news was first posted on White and later confirmed by the band's publicist.



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