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They constitute a legal contract between you and State Listings, Inc., and by accessing or using any part of the Sites you represent and warrant that you have the right, power and authority to agree to and be bound by these Terms of Use.No information should be submitted to, or posted at, the “Product” (as described below) by visitors under 18 years of age.The MLS will use best efforts to honor Customer's request to opt out of marketing messages, but under no circumstances will the MLS have any liability for sending any email to its registered users/customers.All members of the MLS must be Licensed Real Estate Brokers, Associate Brokers or Licensed Salespersons to enter listings.No employee, independent contractor, agent, or affiliate of a competing real estate information service is permitted to access any of the Password Protected Areas of the MLS web site without express written permission from State Listings, Inc. utilizes email as a vital and primary communication channel with customers and MLS members.As a registered user, Customers hereby acknowledge and grant the MLS the permission to communicate with customers via email (as well as other communication channel such as phone and fax) for any purposes determined to be relevant including, but not limited to, system messages, product updates, service announcements and other marketing messages.

DBA Known As NYState MLS, NY State MLS, My State MLS or My State MLS and Hereinafter referred to the “Service.” ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS The submission of information to, and use of, the real estate information services (collectively, the "Service") available through the websites (the "company" or "MLS" or “Sites” or “we” or “us,” located at My State is subject to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use" or the "Agreement").The Site, Content, Database, Information, Software and any portion of the foregoing, including any derivatives, successors, updates or modifications provided thereto and any information derived from the use of the Database, including as a result of the verification of any portion of the Information, are collectively referred to herein as the "Product".Those portions of the Product that may be accessed by the general public and that do not require any use of Passcodes (as defined below) are referred to as the "Non-Passcode Protected Product" (“Public Search”).You agree to be bound by the terms of your license.


If you are not the corporate or managing broker of your firm, you agree that you are acting on behalf of your firm, posting listings on behalf of your firm with the permission and consent of your firm.have entered into a separate written agreement that covers your use of the Service, the terms and conditions of such agreement shall control with respect to such Service to the extent they are inconsistent with these Terms of Use.


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