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Sources close to production tell us Princess demanded to know why Teairra was with her man ...

And this could be a positive trend, according to study co-author Josué Ortega, a lecturer in economics at the University of Essex.

In particular, the study saw a spike in racially diverse nuptials in 2014 — two years after Tinder was founded.

Researchers from the National Academy of Sciences looked at marriage stats spanning from 1967 to 2013, and found that the spikes of interracial dating coincided with the launch of online matchmaking sites and apps like and Ok Cupid, reports Mic.

Online dating could be contributing to the rise in interracial marriages, says a new study.



My life is calm and drama free and that's how I like it.

Their findings suggest that people who only meet others by traditional means — meaning in person, without internet interference — are likelier to have less diverse social circles than people who participate in online dating.


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    She received two phone calls from Jay Man45 after their meeting, but never answered.

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