Inedia sex eree

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That which S* Austin saidof himself here in this place, 1 may say to thee : fhou dis- contented wretch, thou covetous niggard, ihou churl, thou ambitious and swelling- toad, 'tis not want, but peevishness, ■which is the cause of thy woes: settle thine afiection : thou hast enough.

beggar teas, I should surely choose to be as 1 am, tortured still icith cares and fears ; biit out of peevishness, and not out of truth.

Vuluptateni rapiniit I)ii, uiqnando ni H8;no8 vires colluctante.s rnni ra- lainitate videiit. Ad stuporem ejus pruflitionem et plwj'ipntiam admirati sunt. We are by nature alias one, all alike, if you see us naked ; let us wear theirs, and they our clothes, and whafs the difference ? Scbalichius, I more esteem thy worth, learning, honesty, then thy nobility ; honour thee more that thou art a writer, a doctor of divinity, then earl of the Hunnes, baron of Skradine, or hast title to such and such pro- vinces, Src. Nee preeter rationem minim videri debet, si quis rem considerarevelit, omnes saltern maximam partem, qui in hocterrarum orbe res pra?

Yet, only a handful of cases leading to convictions are ever brought to trial.Dubbed “School for Justice,” the program seeks to make a real-world impact by educating some of the young women who previously worked in brothels, providing them with training geared toward a career in law.Nineteen former underage sex workers between the ages of 19 and 26 began their studies this week.“Also, what we are doing is new and pretty radical, so the girls who have signed up are real survivors.

It takes a lot of courage, since signing up for this school is not without danger. Particular discontents and g^nevances are either of body, minde, or fortune, which, as they wound the soul of man, produce this melancholy,and many great inconveniences, by thatantidoteof goodcounsell and perswasion maybe eased or expelled. ^Esope was crooked, So- crates pur-blinde, long-leoged, hairy ; Democritus withered, Seneca lean and harsh, ugly to behold; yet shew me so many flourishing wits, sucli divine spirits: Horace, a little blear- eyed contemptible fellow ; yet who so sententious and wise? ///«»iimthat shall consider of' it ^ that all those, or the greatest part of them, that have done the bravest exploits here upon earth, and excelled the rest of the nobles of their time^ have been still born in some abject, obscure place, or of base andoh- scureabjectparents.


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