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When I found out that there was such a thing as a chocolate tasting – well, you KNOW I was all over that.

We had to get to work creating these beautiful printables .

b) Traveling on the ocean meant that Hindus could not rely on the sun and moon when performing daily , because the Ganges River is the source of the reincarnation cycle; leaving India cut off the cycle which was a grave crime.


: The San Francisco Exploratorium, a science museum, dedicates part of their website to the Science of Cooking. Horn, has created a Sugars4Kids website with a well-illustrated explanation of how humans metabolize sugars (and why we can’t get nutrition from grass) at

Then, have students trace with contrasting colored yarns or markers the journey of people who labored growing sugar, estimate the distances involved, and evaluate the impact of sugar on the movement of people worldwide.


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