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We work with vulnerable and orphaned children, that have been affected by poverty.Not all our children come from vulnerable situations, but many of them do.Our aim is to develop values among the children, value & respect for their own lives and that of others.COST : USD $ 1,400.00 per person (4 weeks) or EURO 1,275.00 per person (4 weeks) Morning : 08h00 – 12h30 Mornings are spent, supporting other projects and day care centres in the township.If you are taking a gap year, or are thinking about changing your career, or at a crossroads and needing time out – no better way to find one’s own direction, than to volunteer. Most of what you pay, goes on hard costs – accommodation, meals, transport, logistics, co-ordinators and a percentage to the projects.In today’s world, no one can afford to host anyone – with rising energy and related food costs, so instead of been a help, one becomes a burden. I Love Africa is running a Facebook Competition, one of the easiest competitions you have ever entered.



You in turn will have a deep experience of the African culture, as the children will share their traditional dances, theatre pieces, songs and games with you.

Through volunteering, one is able to bring valuable skills and resource, during challenging times. All you have to do is log onto Facebook, go the Official Facebook page and click “like” to qualify!


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