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That was the starting point to want to write and look into the history of dating.That everything in dating was connected to women working outside the home and women breaking into the workforce.I didn’t go on any dates myself, but I did chat with a lot of people.


There was no precedent for so-called "nice" girls going out on their own; many people assumed that a woman who was out anywhere on her own or without a male relative was a prostitute.For instance, the first chapter is called “Tricks,” and it talks about women being arrested and how today’s dating apps like Tinder or Seeking Arrangement blur the boundaries of dating and sex work.Part of what makes people uncomfortable about dating is this transactional element — the question of who’s getting what, in return for what, is often in the background.The second chapter is called “Likes” and is about how we now think that someone who likes the same songs or movies as us is a predictor of who you should be with romantically.

That would have been a totally weird idea back in the day.

She finds, however, that dating is not vanishing, but rather is ever-changing with the economy and times; dating, according to the author, is the form that courtship takes in a free-market society.


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