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Our mobile site is designed with the most current technology to bring you the best experience while you chat. You can easily reach thousands of users with the click of a button, and build friendships around the world.Video chat is available on PC’s and mobile devices making this chatting option easy and accessible.You and our other members will be able to talk within a second of typing or speaking your message. Plus, you are speaking to everyone without a delay, which has caused a multitude of confusion in the past.Conversations will now flow more smoothly and without waiting.Started in the late 1990s, Free Chat Now is one of the originals.Others have fallen by the wayside, but we remain, and have grown to one of the most popular and user friendly sites on the internet.


Our goal is to provide you with a free online chat service that requires no registration.

Whether you are at home on your PC, or out and about Free Chat will be there for you.

Anywhere, any time you feel the urge simply stop in and say hello. Our video allows you the ability to easily see and converse with the people you meet in our global chat rooms.

We also now have a user friendly mobile interface so you can chat with friends whenever you want, wherever you are!

Free Chat is the top free chat website online today.

No matter what you’re into, we do it all and we do it well!


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