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On one hand, they snoop on selected people like Me, Ah ah… At the same time, they are lying to the entire citizens and making huge profits and money out of their sweat.

Ultimately the EU is a vast sugar plantation full of slaves, blacks, arabic and white people alike…working for the Jewish Occupiers and their valets.

This first step is met with the inevitable second one : Judaïc treason, under antisemitism crocodiles tears.

That occupying forces can cry antisemitism over a fake SMS and black people is tellingly of their enless rip-off.

NUMBER THREE AMONG MANY, I had a whisky and wine for dinner. Know that the restrooms called People magazines is a 100% jewish creature, living on blood sucking and illegal snoopings and spying. What are lawmakers doing to forbid those behaviors and trackings ? Jewish people have been living on scams and garbage, along with household waste since day one. The Fake news that are operating as Jewish hidden Stasi are out thre to copy and paste. We need a new collection of Lawmakers, a bloc who will concentrated not in trying to distroyed President Trump, but a pack who will stop the criminal brotherhood toxic allicance every body seems afraid to name or to sanction. But, it is quite simple, apply the tit-for-tat jewish rule. Fight back each crime, noisance, harassment, violence, theft, violations, etc…. In the Bible, the Fig Tree represents the Jews reign. How do you pursue the « elected people » statute under this fruitless malediction ? For instance, my flat is searched and visited on a daily basis.

Today, Technology is handling them the last tool they needed to go along. Sabotage or obstruction should be met the same way. Each time I ‘m out, a jew enters my apartment and leave some signs of this outrageous visit.

Worse, they have shift men orientation from men to women, with extended homosexuality.



The Jewish regime, namely the hidden Empire is pure savagery and out-of-law.Read more about Custom Branding, or contact support for more info.


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