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But with the rise of cheap, affordable technology like webcams, high-speed Internet access, and online payment methods, now a person can, ironically, safely exploit a child halfway around the world from the comfort of his own living room–which is why WCST has exploded in recent years.But even as this behavior increases, a large portion of the adult customers engaged in it can’t be technically classified as pedophilic, a psychiatric designation that is characterized by a long-term primary sexual attraction to prepubertal children.However, the FBI has identified thousands of Internet chat rooms dedicated solely to Webcam Child Sex Tourism.This means that the children in these chat rooms aren’t just there for curiosity’s sake, or just hanging out virtually with friends and are then unfortunate enough to be lured into a random predator’s cyber arms.“These children are either young prostitutes working from Internet cafes or children who, forced by their parents or other family members, perform sex shows in front of a webcam from their homes,” Guyt says.Instead, many WCST customers seem to be people who engage in it simply because the opportunity arises and they get curious.In other words, if Skype, Pay Pal, and the Internet did not exist, these people might not be seeking to exploit children in the physical world.A phenomena known as Webcam Child Sex Tourism–adults logging into sex-chat rooms with minors in developing countries–is on the rise.



So I’m left wondering what crime have these men (and women, as Sweetie did have female solicitors) actually committed? These men had and have the intention to commit crimes against young children and should be stopped before they do.

The result was a ultra-realistic 3-D model of a 10-year-old Filipino girl that would fool even the most accomplished Hollywood blockbuster animator.


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