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It probably goes without saying, but since we’re talking about toddler-proofing, I’ll finish with a reminder to buy a rugged case that wraparound-protects your i OS device(s), to mitigate damage from accidental drops.

And this related suggestion to go without saying: I’ve found having my little guy use these devices on softer surfaces (as opposed to concrete or hardwood ones) is safest, even with an ultra-rugged case, since when he gets bored…well, let’s just say he’s found his pitching arm, and everything he can lift eventually becomes a fastball.

Consider this a reference guide to i OS’s lockdown settings, a toddler-proofing checklist you can step through taking only what makes sense for your own usage scenario(s), which may differ from mine.

We’ll start with a cleanly reset i Pad Mini running i OS 7.1.1.

Want to keep your child from futzing with Airplane Mode, turning on Wi-Fi, locking the orientation or enabling the camera LED (flashlight mode) from i OS’s swipe-up Control Center?

Follow by launching the desired app, then triple-clicking the Home button to enable the feature.If you want to ensure your child can’t accidentally reenable Wi-Fi (and automatically connect to a network), you’ll want to click any joined networks, then select Forget This Network.While you can disable Safari in Restrictions, Apple doesn’t allow you to disable web traffic entirely (meaning permitted apps with their own browser interfaces can still get out), so killing network access is the only surefire way to block web access entirely.This one’s the single most important feature in i OS, as far as I’m concerned (Apple really ought to pull this up a level and give it top-tier billing).

It’s where you can fine tune everything from whether Safari appears as an icon on the Home screen to disabling in-app purchases to filtering content using rating metrics.If you enable the Accessibility Shortcut, you can triple-click the Home button to summon the Guided Access interface while in the application (it’ll prompt you for a passcode, which you’ll set up when you first enable the feature in Settings).


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