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Jenn, a new, somewhat unsure Christian, and Lorri, an avowed non-Christian, want to argue with one another about spirituality, but Watcher55 breaks into their chats and bugs them.

Having met God in In the Chat Room with God (2002), a group of teenagers now meets with unabashed evil in this sequel.

I found myself really caring about the characters, and the plot kept things moving briskly along.All rights reserved "The influence of Lewis on the Hafer brothers is noticeable and welcomed...a great read." -- Youthworker, May/June 2004"a great little story, focusing on the nature of evil, and how hard it is to share the faith.Jenn, a new Christian, provides a listening ear for Lorri.


During a chat room session, an intruder breaks into the two girls' conversation.

Even if they are informed, it is a good reminder to be vigilant of who their kids are meeting.


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