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This decoy with the set back neck is by far his best work and is all original. ADAM ANGER, WINDSOR, ONTARIO This is a standard size mallard drake decoy carved by Adam Anger in the 1980's.Although there are a few minor rubs to the tips of the paint,this decoy overall is in mint condition. There is a fine split in the paint of the bill which is very hard to see.Head is connected with a dowel and swivels slightly, but is not loose! Canvas needs to be re-attatched to the base in a couple spots. ADAM ANGER, WINDSOR, ONTARIO This is a mint condition magnum-sized bluebill drake by Adam Anger carved in the mid-1980's.The head carving is very well done in fine detail and the cork has been shaved on both sides of the back to depict feathers as well as a line that runs from the back of the neck to the tail. See "NAFD" page 1 for more information about this company. The bird is 15x6.5x6 (Lx Wx H)inches, not including the keel.Note the distinctive swirl as well as feather paint detailing to the back.


A wonderful attribute of this carving is the head is turned out. This remarkable set of rare wall plaques were a special order for a prominent family in Montreal, the Weirs.

Most have seen one or two of these unique plaques, but none have seen a collection of this quality and quantity!


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