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If all of the above ticks your boxes then enter now – we will see you in January – in the mud with a grin on our faces 🙂 Registration will open at and close at – Race starts at sharp.

(3rd Race in the Trail Half Marathon Series and Progressive Series) Date: August 12, 2017 2017 Half Marathon Results 2017 15K Results Start and Finish Line Photos Some course pics #1 *****Due to new park policies there will be a modified Half Marathon and 15K course.

Enter as an individual or round up some mates and enter as a group.

There are prizes for the top 3 Male & Female competitors in each distance plus the top team.

All packed dirt roads are challenging, but road bike friendly!

We are proud to announce that our chief beneficiary for 2017 is Alpine Kiwanis, Alpine, CA.

*Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



This land is solely reserved for army training and it is where we have secured the ultimate in mud running events in the South West.More donation options The Utah BLM has kicked off its planning process for the San Rafael Desert Master Leasing Plan (MLP) for lands in eastern Emery and Wayne counties and is accepting public scoping comments through Friday, July 1.Please tell the BLM to use this process to protect wild lands from fossil fuel development.The process will also help the agency determine whether current lease stipulations should be updated, which lands should be available for future oil and gas leasing, and where potential resource conflicts and environmental impacts from oil and gas development may arise.


The MLP process is an important and much needed opportunity for the BLM to add long-overdue protections to sensitive landscapes and return some resemblance of balance to the management of public lands in Utah.

Route options available: 84 miles, or tackle the whole 127 mile course.



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