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The cost to manufacture and reconfigure devices can be costly, and disruption to traffic is common.

A vehicle sensor for detecting and monitoring vehicular targets is presented.

The sensor of the present invention includes a multi-layer radio frequency board having a first side which includes at least a majority of the RF components.

On the opposing side of the board is a ground plane providing isolation to the RF components.



planar antennas mounted in a planar circuit board for propagating said a transmit signal toward said vehicles on said a roadway and for receiving said transmit signal reflected from said vehicles, wherein the planar antennas further comprises: , wherein each coplanar loop series-fed array antenna includes a tapered array that includes a plurality of loops, wherein the plurality of loops are configured to generate a radiation pattern with low side lobes. While such devices have continued history of use, failures of loops are common and at any one time as many as 20%-30% of all installed controlled intersection loops are non-responsive.The sensor employs a planar design resulting in a reduced profile sensor and a greatly improved sensor for manufacturing.



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