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Last year's award went to Italian opera singer Cecilia Bartoli who brought back 'long-lost music' to listeners and Swedish hit songwriter Max Martin.It's certainly a time of celebration for the Swedish royals who are gearing up to mark Crown Princess Victoria's 40th birthday next month with several days of festivities planned.Sting's fellow laureate for this year's awards is musician and composer Wayne Shorter from Newark, New Jersey.Jazz star Wayne, 83, has worked with legends such as Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell.Then she declared a deadline date for the "insurance" payment, after which her visa application would be delayed by several months.That deadline seemed to "stretch" further and further out, at which point she would only reply to my messages when I indicated that I might be sending her the money (which of course, I never did).

Most "writers" are male students of the local university, department of foreign languages.Money usually is requested via Western Union or Money Gram, first for visa, then for tickets, then for insurance. Her name is Ksenia Mihailovna Maksimova, 424007 Russia, Republic Mari-El, city Yoshkar-Ola Street Petrova, house 42, flat 81.She asked me for money for a visa, which I sent her.The Polar Music Prize is Sweden's biggest music award and is typically shared by a pop artist and a classical musician.


It was founded in 1989 by the late Stig Anderson, manager of Swedish pop group ABBA.

The royal's gown featured a sheer long sleeved top with a pussy bow neckline and a white vest underlay.


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