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Grab a blanket, a couple of burgers from jm Curley, and a Thermos filled with "water," and enjoy the show.

You might think of striptease as an outdated and slightly skeevy form of entertainment, but in Boston, that’s far from true.

Head towards the Rectory Cafe for a cozy brunch in this historical house. *** Walk in the Park: Take a beautiful walk through Sherwood Forest amongst the tall trees or wander through Evergreen Brick Works and you’d be amazed that you’re still in the city.

*** Stroll through the Distillery District’s galleries and shops.

The city’s many burlesque troupes (including several nationally recognized groups like Rogue Burlesque, Sirlesque, and The Lipstick Criminals) have amped up the art form to include some of the East Coast’s best comedians, dancers, and variety artists.

For less than a ticket, you can see some talented performers rock out with their... The Colonnade is home to the city’s only outdoor rooftop pool, which sits 12 stories over Back Bay and costs or less every day after 5pm.

Bring your love lock and add it to the permanent love sign.



How about joining the Ukulele for Rookies class that will have you both somewhere over the rainbow in no time. Dubbed as the “alternative design event” the annual show encourages spatial exploration within the historic hotel.

She also shares interesting stories about Toronto's people, places, and things.

Finally you were able to break the ice and ask your new crush on that first date.

It’s one of the only places you can swim while gazing at the Boston skyline, and you won’t break the bank if you go at night.

For just apiece, you and the only other single person in your BCAE ballroom dancing class can learn how Somerville’s renowned chocolate factory makes its traditional stone-ground Mexican chocolate (and of course, snack on samples). On select nights every summer, you can catch a free outdoor movie as part of Coolidge Corner’s Greenway film series.

Take a look at the Best 15 First Date Spots in Toronto!


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