Dating springfield armory 1911

In 1777, during the American Revolutionary War, George Washington scouted and approved the site of the Springfield Armory, after it was referred to him by General Henry Knox, his artillery chief.

Around that time, the Mill River was dammed to form a mile-long lake called Watershops Pond.George Washington appointed David Ames (originally from Bridgewater, Massachusetts) as first superintendent of the armory.On January 25, 1787, thousands of Shays' Regulators marched on the Springfield Armory, hoping to seize its weaponry and force a change of government.It features the world's largest collection of historic American firearms.

Famous first as the United States' primary arsenal during the American Revolutionary War, and then as the scene of a confrontation during Shays' Rebellion, the Springfield Armory in the 19th and 20th centuries became the site of numerous technological innovations of global importance, including interchangeable parts, the assembly line style of mass production, and modern business practices, such as hourly wages.

However, Springfield did not paticipate in the next production contract with the modified version of the 1911, known as the A1. So that means that Springfield, on its own, has produced the A1 version (a very popular version) for sale to the public, decades later then when the original A1 first appeared.


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